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Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia located approximately 100km south of Vancouver Island. The city has a diverse range of neighborhoods from dynamic regions for retirees and families to vivacious student-populated areas.

Having a house of your own in the heart of British Columbia is a dream for many people, and we’re here to make that dream come true. Living Land Developments is a trusted and reliable home builder in British Columbia. We believe in the prospect of freedom, versatility, and sustainability.

If you’re a first-time home buyer, you might’ve heard your family, friends, and co-workers talking about buying a new home or planning to have it built themselves. Some people may pull you the other way, telling you that buying a home isn’t the right decision and you should wait. Having second thoughts before making such a huge decision is entirely normal.

We’re Here to Help You Find Your Dreaming

Searching for homes for sale in British Columbia, can turn out to be a long, hectic way to find your dream home. This is where we come in; Living Land Developments has constructed homes and can help you check out these houses out.

Buying a home for yourself and your family isn’t just about getting a roof above your head. It’s about the pride of ownership. When you’re the sole owner of your residential property, you’ll be able to paint the walls in any colour you want, attach permanent fixtures, install a home theatre system in your basement, and decorate your home however you want to. Having a home in your name will give you and your family a sense of security and stability.

Living Land Developments is well aware of British Columbia’s high building standards, so every home that we construct exudes with quality craftsmanship and charm. We make sure that the best materials are used to build your dream home. Let Living Land Developments get started on building your dream house today.


Our Values

Unlock good living

Good living is the ultimate goal. What’s the point of a house when it doesn’t make you happy or satisfy your living goals? Living Land Developments can make all your luxury living dreams come true.

Worry-free living

We all dream about living a stress-free life, without constantly worrying about maintenance. Living Land Developments is about to make your lives a lot simpler. We craft homes with the best materials without undermining luxury, beauty, and quality, so you don’t break your bank while maintaining your home in British Columbia.

Smart living

Homes built by Living Land Developments embrace efficiency, sustainable living, and environmental impact. Our design targets all of these characteristics, enabling you to live a smart and efficient life.

Why Buying a House in British Columbia Is a Smart Choice

Having a house to your name in the heart of British Columbia can turn out to be a very profitable investment since Vancouver is its commercial hub and one of Canada’s most prosperous economies. Vancouver also has one of Canada’s largest ports, handling 144 million metric tonnes of cargo in 2019.

Vancouver is also home to many different industries, such as alternative fuels, biotechnology, and software development, just to name a few. Some of the leading foreign technology companies also have a Vancouver footprint, like Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and Kodak. MDA (MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates) is one of the leading firms in British Columbia, having given jobs to more than 1,000 people working in the information and satellite systems technology sector.

Finding houses for sale in British Columbia, Canada isn’t easy, but with Living Land Developments, we’ll make sure that you’ll end up in the house of your dreams right in the heart of British Columbia.